Friday, April 01, 2005

What Are Little Girls Made Of? SUGAR!

Yesterday was my birthday, which will probably get a blog entry all on its own on my other site, but in honor of said special event, much sugar was consumed. At least for me. My darling co-workers got me a sheet cake, which I can't post a picture of until Melissa sends me the file, but it was like something out of a Japanese anime, covered with technicolor sprinkles, drizzles of pink, purple, and blue streamer-icing, and my name written in magenta. I was quite pleased, especially when cutting it revealed a thick, dense chocolate cake. It was moist, something I wouldn't have necessarily expected from a 'grocery store' cake, but instead from something homemade, and it reminded me I hadn't made a cake in a while... mmm... cake.... so I think that very easily could be this weekend's project, if I can tear CameraMan away from the auto show, house hunting, and all the other niggling chores that must be done.

In addition to my acid-cake, my co-workers sang me a heartfelt rendition of the Birthday Song, which was all the better surrounded by our clients (I'm an IT auditor, so we work on site at client locations to assess information systems... which means we're a service oriented group, and singing happy birthday is a little unprofessional... I was touched) and their products - massive bottles of wine, beer, and spirits. Very festive. :)

I came home, and on the way stopped to get some groceries to ensure dinner would be available. CameraMan and I decided to go out to eat tomorrow night to celebrate, since I have a big work lunch this afternoon, and I thought it might be overkill. To my surprise, I saw the wonder that half the food-blogging community has been talking about - Dark Chocolate M&Ms! Now, CameraMan *loves* peanut M&Ms, but he's always complained that the chocolate is just 'enh'. He doesn't eat them for the chocolate, he eats them because their the most convienent candy he 'likes'. But at word of Dark Chocolate, his eyes lit up. So, when I found some in our Easter Candy aisle, I had to pick them up to be tried.

All I can say is, I have been converted to the dark side of the force. The little candies are delicious - certainly not gourmet by any stretch of the imagination, but I would say comparable with Dove dark chocolate bites (it's a bit hard to tell with the peanut in the way). The colors are a little bizarre - I had a maroon one that looked as if it'd been tie-dyed, rather than just darkened. But given the choice overall, CameraMan and I would make the switch permanently. The downside to all of this is, if the American public decides they don't agree with us, we may never go back to plain or peanut milk chocolate M&Ms... it's just not the same.

Hopefully if we in the US can't keep 'em here, the Japanese will help. As noted by chika at shewhoeats, there's certainly a different perspective on mass-marketed treats there than we've got around these parts.


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